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Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

Continuing Education at Concordia University provides you with lifelong learning opportunities for all stages of life.

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Welcome to The Division of Continuing Education Studies, where we seek to meet learners where they are, creating innovative lifelong learning opportunities that provide high-impact, flexible, accessible, transformational learning experiences for all through their life span--whether a youth, young adult, working professional or those on their retirement journey—in accordance with and advancement of Concordia’s mission.

Why Continuing Education at Concordia University?

  • Transformative lifelong learning
  • Practical skills and knowledge
  • Learn from experts
  • Affordable
  • Personal & profesional growth
  • Remain curious

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Customized corporate education

Concordia University provides fully online, flexible, higher educational programs for today's working professional. You can choose from one of our already established programs, or meet with us to customize your own.

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Workplace Wellness: A Focused Look at How to Help Employees Succeed Amongst Mental Health Challenges


This course provides continuing education upon evidence based trends for how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted mental health. It then proceeds to discuss how an employee may recognize indications of mental health crises, and ways they can support those experiencing an impact on their mental health, or are currently in mental health crises.

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