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Concordia University Wisconsin has teamed up with Concordia University Ann Arbor to offer world-class continuing education options. We are a Lutheran higher education institution that strives to cultivate experiences, discussions, and opportunities that help our students grow in mind, body, and spirit. We place an emphasis on service, believing that we are all called to use our talents in service of others. As providers of continuing education, we merge innovation, expertise, and relevance into a remarkable learning experience that will challenge you and cause you to grow in ways you have never imagined.

We are a Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world. With over 138 years of educating students for lives of Christian leadership and service, Concordia University is an established leader in higher education.

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Continuing Education at Concordia University provides you with lifelong learning opportunities for all stages of life. Choose from several courses, offered online, to advance you in your life and career. “Upskilling” is a terrific way to increase your career opportunities, income, and personal satisfaction. These courses are perfect for anyone who wants to further their knowledge in a specific field but does not need or want a full degree. From adults that want to expand their understanding in an area of study or begin a new direction in their life, to young students who just need the right information and direction to get a good start on their future; we welcome all passionate learners from all backgrounds. Choose from dozens of topics and a variety of formats-in accordance with and advancement of Concordia’s mission.

Category: Technology

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported as it was retired by Microsoft.

Have questions about continuing education offerings or need technical support with your CE offering? Please email ( or call (262-243-2100).

Email Call

Send an email to with your name and email address. Your inquiry will be routed to the IT Helpdesk where they can reset your password, help with login issues, and more.

Category: Payments / Refunds / Tax Information

Interested in creating an account for your organization allowing you to register your teachers/employees?  We can help you! School/School Districts and other business partners are able to use this portal to manage enrollment of their employees into courses.

Benefits of creating this for your organization are:

  • Ability to be invoiced/pay with single credit card or check.
  • Register a group at once.
  • One time set up. 

Note: This portal option is available to organizations of five or more employees.

Here's what you can expect when using your Organization Portal:

  1. You or your delegated Enrollment person will login to your personalized portal
  2. Learners can be added to your account by including basic demographic information

    Demographic Information needed to create an account on their behalf (this is required for learners to receive a transcript and to access additional courses): Name, Address, Email, and Phone.
  1. Enroll your learners into the courses requested (If you're interested in additional courses we can add them to your account)
  2. Checkout via either a single credit card transaction or by invoice

Get Started

As part of the checkout process, you can add additional members to your checkout by creating a Continuing Education group. Once you create a group, you can use it on future life enrichment courses to quickly enroll group members.

  1. Click add to cart
  2. Click checkout
  3. Choose "Group & Family Checkout" when prompted
  4. Follow the steps to login or create a Group & Family account
  5. Add your members to the group by adding their first name, last name, and optionally their email address
  6. Proceed to Checkout, selecting the members you'd like to add before completing checkout
If Group & Family checkout is not an option for your offering, your school or corporate group may be eligible for a different kind of enrollment option.

In general, there is no refund on or after the day the offering (course, webinar, event, or other like offerings that have a defined start date) begins. For the self-paced, online offerings, there is no refund 24 hours after registration. The exception for a refund is if the offering is cancelled due to low enrollment. In this case, a full refund is given.

Currently, we accept credit/debit cards. If paying by check, please arrange for registration and payment by calling 262-243-2100. Checks must be received one week in advance of the start of a continuing education offering or registration will be removed. Currently, we do not accept cash.

The IRS requires educational institutions to report amounts paid for qualified tuition related expenses only. The IRS considers this to be classes where credit was earned. It does not allow us to report non-credit courses. Please consult your tax advisor or IRS Publication 970 to see if you can claim tuition and related expenses not reported on your IRS Form 1098-T.

1098-T form information

Our Professional Development and Bootcamp continuing studies courses are non academic-credit programs. As a result, we do not provide 1098-T forms. However, continuing education students may be eligible for the lifetime learning tax credit. To learn more about Lifetime Learning Credit, click here.

Category: Course Info / Grades / CEU's

  1. Login as a "Student", click here
  2. Click on "My Enrollment History" to view Grades and/or CEUs

Unofficial Transcript

  1. Login as a "Student", click here
  2. Click on "My Enrollment History"
  3. Under "My Competed Courses", click on the "Print Unofficial Transcript" button

Official Transcript

After your course is completed and grades are entered:

  1. Login as a "Student", click here
  2. Click on "Official Transcripts"
  3. Click "Add to Cart"
  4. Fill in the number of Official Transcripts you're requesting
  5. Decide if you want the Official Transcripts mailed
  6. Enter the address where you'd like the address to be mailed
  7. In most cases, you can ignore "Hold for grade"
  8. If you'd like, you can Add Another Address
  9. Click Add to Cart
  10. Checkout

In general, if you completed a continuing education offering on or before 2020, please contact our Registrar Office for transcripts. For transcripts pertaining to undergraduate or graduate academic work, not related to continuing education, have your F00 number ready and contact our Registrar Office.

The primary purpose of the CEU is to supply a permanent record of the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed significant non-credit educational and career enhancement experiences.

After you sign up for a course that has an Online or Virtual Learning component:

  1. You will receive an email with login credentials for Blackboard
  2. Visit
    1. If you have an F00 student number or staff id with Concordia
      1. Click "Blackboard Single Sign On to login
    2. If you do NOT have an F00 student number or staff id with Concordia
      1. Click "Continuing Ed Login" to login
      2. Enter your email address as your username and as your password (all lower-case)
      3. Click "Sign In"
  3. If your class has been made available, it will show up on the Courses tab

Note: if your class has not started yet - it might not appear or become unlocked until three days before the class starts. In general, at the completion of your offering/program, you will have up to 60 days to access content.

We encourage you to utilize Google Scholar.

All continuing education offerings that list a specific time of day they are running, will be Central Standard Time (CST), unless otherwise noted.

Category: Badges / Certificates / Credentials

Digital badges, sometimes called open badges, are credentials that can be displayed, reviewed, and shared online. Sometimes referred to as digital micro-credentials, they are awarded when a person has proven knowledge, competency, or skill in a specific area or with a specific task. The badge image carries data about who issued the badge, as well as exactly what was carried out to earn the badge.

Digital badging continues to be an emerging area, more employers are learning and inquiring about them. While many employers may not ask specifically to see your digital badge portfolio, they will be interested in seeing the specific skills you have mastered as shown by the digital badges displayed on your personal website or LinkedIn page.

Micro-credentials are a form of certification that is narrowly focused on specific topics/skills in a chosen field. There are usually 2-4 designated courses that make up a micro-credential. Upon successful completion of the courses, students would receive a digital badge. A client may use the continuing education credits earned in a micro-credential to, if available, to transfer CEU’s earned towards a credit-bearing certificate or program. Transfer fees may apply.

The two formats act differently for their recipients. An Open Badge is focused on a small visual representation of an achievement that can be easily embedded in various places. A digital certificate is focused on clearly communicating the achievement in a recognized format.

For digital badges, you will receive an email with instructions on how to accept and share your digital badge. Certificates can be printed on your own within Destiny.

Depending on your course, your badge might not show up on this website. It might have instead been emailed to you from Credly. In this case, please check your email address that you have on file.

  1. Login as a "Student", click here
  2. Click on "My Badges"

Faith Community/Parish Nursing and Congregational Health Ministries


Team taught by nursing and theology, the course is divided into 8 one week units which includes the theological foundation of Christian care giving, health and healing, and the meaning of pain and suffering.

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Have questions about continuing education offerings or need technical support with your CE offering? Please email ( or call (262-243-2100).

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