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Live your uncommon calling with a variety of continuing education options. Choose from a variety of meaningful lifelong learning experiences perfectly designed to grow you as a person and a professional.

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Concordia partners with a variety of business, schools, and nonprofits to solve their educational needs. Whether it is one of our out-of-the box solutions, or something specifically tailored to your unique needs, we are here to help.


Our corporate partners get access to professional development tools, adult learner scholarships, and customized programs to develop smart, agile workforces prepared for industry disruptions and changes.


Whether you need skill development or want to invest in your teachers’ overall professional development, you can take advantage of our academic community partnerships to provide your teachers with learning opportunities, scholarships, and more.


We strive to be the Church’s school. Through community partnerships, we provide ministry workers with educational and professional learning experiences to help them grow their vocation as they serve the Church and the world.

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Strive for something bigger than yourself.

You already have an uncommon calling on your life. Here at Concordia, we believe you were meant to live it out boldly and faithfully.

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Badges, certificates, and more...

Learn invaluable skills and prove your competency through digital badges and certificates awarded by respected and established educational institution. We use the latest in technology and trends to provide you with impactful, meaningful credentials that employers are looking for.

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