Learning for life.

Enriching educational experience for all seasons of life.

What is Continuing Education?

Never stop learning, growing, and taking the next step.

Continuing Education at Concordia University provides you with lifelong learning opportunities for all stages of life. Choose from several courses, offered online, to advance you in your life and career. “Upskilling” is a great way to increase your career opportunities, income, and personal satisfaction. These courses are perfect for anyone who wants to further their knowledge in a specific field, but doesn’t need or want a full degree. From adults that want to expand their understanding in an area of study or begin a new direction in their life, to young students who just need the right information and direction to get a good start on their future; we welcome all passionate learners from all backgrounds. Choose from dozens of topics and a variety of formats. Have a desire for a custom solution? We can do that too. Take a look at what Concordia has to offer.

What makes Concordia unique?

A record of excellence in online education

Curriculum with Christian values, so you can take your faith to work

Programs that provide skills for the real-world and your immediate career goals

Exceptionally accomplished and accredited faculty

Amazing online student support

About Concordia

Types of Continuing Education

Concordia offers four different types of Continuing Education.


A series of lessons for those who want a more in-depth, academic continuing education experience. Many courses can be taken for credit and are good introductions to full degree offerings.


A series of lessons delivered to your email with videos and optional reflection exercises. Self-paced.


Our academies are low-cost ways to get continuing education on business and marketing topics. Many academies come with digital badges you can add to your LinkedIn profile.


Webinars are pre-recorded videos on a variety of topics led by Concordia University faculty and staff.